My name is Sooyoung Kim, and I'm the owner of Sushi Leo.

Many of you who have been to the restaurant refer to me as a female chef too.

To start off, I bought and took over this restaurant since the winter of 2018,

and am very excited to finally be organized and to be able to present y'all

the New Start of Sushi Leo.


Our team always tries our best to keep good values


in quality, service, and taste the second you step inside our cozy and peaceful diner.

I've always had huge interest in cooking food for others, 

and to expand my knowledge further out to serve the food is a delightful thing.

With sushi chefs that has plenty of experience of making good food, I can promise you the 

delicacy of our food and the amount of effort put in each bite of your happiness.

Come by with good people, good food, nothing can be more perfect!

Warm regards,



2315 Clover Basin Drive, Longmont, CO 80503