* Reservation Recommended

Dine-in will be available Tuesday-Sunday.


Please call 303-678-0553 to make a reservation. We only have total of 4 tables available for (1-6 ppl) at the same time and no seating at sushi bar available regarding regulations.

Also, it is not always that we get full for dine-in services, however, it really helps us to prepare ahead and to provide a better service at times. We will sanitize your reserved seating with proper care ahead. 

If you can't make a reservation through phone call, please send an email

to sushileo2019@gmail.com, and after we reply to confirm it is available,

it should be all set. We recommend to reserve at least 15 minutes ahead.

Thank you!

* Regarding information will be updated when any new guidelines or orders are made. 

Thank you to all visitors and customers for your support!!


From your support, we are able to be here through these hard times of pandemic.


We all hope and wish the best for you, your friends and families, and show our utmost gratitude to healthcare workers and to everyone who's helping with the recovery.


The above information is some of the prospective procedures and guidelines of our restaurant.

These are followed on from state order as we will try our best to practice what is right for the safety and health of everyone in our community.

2315 Clover Basin Drive, Longmont, CO 80503